Friday, November 30, 2012 0 comments


Jac's poetry will remain unpublished for the time being.  There's been some issues with it because of it's subject matter.  I will get her to write more and more though and then we can share it with the world!

Love you all!
Thursday, November 29, 2012 3 comments

Picking Up the Pieces

So here I am, unemployed, trying to figure out where my money will come from, trying to figure out how I will keep my kids in clothes and shoes and in our amazing home.  While I do that God reminds me that He will supply my needs, that He brought my little family back together - that's right, I have all three kids living with me again. 

I am contemplating a few things - one will be getting this blog going again; another is stepping out of my comfort zone and contacting people about starting the coffee shop; another is selling Mary Kay for real.  I'm a consultant but I haven't really put it out there to sell to people.

Soon I will share a few poems that Jac has written, she is the exact same age as I was when we were forced to write poetry for school and I dug my heels in and refused to do it until my teacher sat down and practically held my hand while I wrote out my first poem.  I have watched her do the exact same thing the last two weeks, it has been amusing.  Now, she (like me) is addicted and very excited to get her thoughts out there on paper and make it sound so amazing.

I need some hand holding, I need some accountability partners, I need someone to text/call/facebook/comment on me and remind me that God is in control and that I'm supposed to be getting my stuff together for the things I want to do rather than playing facebook games because it all seems so overwhelming.

How does that sound?