Tuesday, February 28, 2012 0 comments

Two-fer Tuesday ;)

Trapped inside myself
hating what I say
hating what I do
my life is a struggle
Every day brings a challenge
Do I go over the mountain?
Do I go through the tunnel?
Or do I sit at the foot of the mountain declaring it's too big?
I can see what I should do or say
But then I watch myself do exactly the opposite
I am trapped in my own mind...
          struggling to escape.

~Simply Dwyn

Pepsi or Coke, how about a smoke?
that crap makes me choke
you have a choice to make
it's your heart to break
it's your claim to stake
but you make my body ache
smiling in your easy chair
with that come-hither stare
you make the choice so easy
it really isn't fair
hand me the can
I'm your biggest fan
and in the end, we know who'll win
It's a decision to make
a heart to break
I choose you
Mountain Dew.

~Simply Dwyn
Wednesday, February 22, 2012 0 comments

Free Writing

I like to 'free write'...some of you may remember this from English class and shudder but I've always enjoyed it.  I can do it in minutes and all I need is a word to start with...if you're brave post a 'word' or phrase in the comments and I'll post a free write using it ;)

I'm going to share a few on here that I've written in the past!  We'll start with my favorite ~I wrote this on 8-28-09 and it's called 'Tinkerbell':

Should of, would of, could of... Don't should on yourself, hell, don't should on me, in my general direction, near me even...go should in your own space and let me be go on now don't be that way you just wish you were me, living my life but it's not daisies and roses it's more like dandelions and tomato plants, sometimes they look beautiful and sometimes they are diseased and gross and sometimes they turn white and blow off into the wind.  What will you do then? Will you follow the little white tufts as they blow down the street under the cars and into the sea? I can't chase dreams, or people, or stars or cars. I can live in the here and now and be who I am and see what I see and feel what I feel or I can fade away into oblivion waiting for the end of time to arrive waiting for me to finally give in and say good night, but I don't want to go gently into that good night I want to kick and claw and take all ya'll with me.  Heaven is just up those stairs and you can get there with just a little prayer, a lot of love and a sprinkle of faith.  No pixie dust needed, Tinkerbell is a bitch anyway, she wanted Peter all of herself, he was her puppet, her toy for eternity and that Wendy girl was going to take him away.
Tuesday, February 21, 2012 0 comments

Bit My Tongue

I revel in the pain
of your self-inflicted misery
I yearn to point out
your stupid mistakes
my tongue aches
from biting it
for days or months on end
keeping your delusions of grandeur
to myself and from your eyes
But the lies begin to pile up
and my tongue begins to bleed
I can taste the acrid smell
and feel the warm fluid
I open my lips
to speak the truth
and you smile and nod
with your smug little grin
and I sigh
close my mouth
swallowing the bitter taste you leave....

~Simply Dwyn (copyright 6/15/10)