Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Two-fer Tuesday ;)

Trapped inside myself
hating what I say
hating what I do
my life is a struggle
Every day brings a challenge
Do I go over the mountain?
Do I go through the tunnel?
Or do I sit at the foot of the mountain declaring it's too big?
I can see what I should do or say
But then I watch myself do exactly the opposite
I am trapped in my own mind...
          struggling to escape.

~Simply Dwyn

Pepsi or Coke, how about a smoke?
that crap makes me choke
you have a choice to make
it's your heart to break
it's your claim to stake
but you make my body ache
smiling in your easy chair
with that come-hither stare
you make the choice so easy
it really isn't fair
hand me the can
I'm your biggest fan
and in the end, we know who'll win
It's a decision to make
a heart to break
I choose you
Mountain Dew.

~Simply Dwyn


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