Friday, March 2, 2012

Silent Snow

Silent Snow
screams loudly from the sky
piling up around my car
tucking it in with a nice fluffy white blanket
the brisk air filled with moisture and precipitation
hurries the walkers and the bike riders and the people crossing the road
it distracts me at my desk, watching the giant flakes rush to the ground
as if it's a race to the finish, a duel to the death
the mound of flakes all melt together
Each is individual but they seem to stick together as if they don't want to be different
They want to blend in and not seem different
perhaps we should stop emphasizing how each one is unique
and just comment that they are all white
or all cold
or all just simply precipitation
perhaps we should just let them be mindless, faceless little flakes waiting for the their turn through the snow blower of life.


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