Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Free Writing

I like to 'free write'...some of you may remember this from English class and shudder but I've always enjoyed it.  I can do it in minutes and all I need is a word to start with...if you're brave post a 'word' or phrase in the comments and I'll post a free write using it ;)

I'm going to share a few on here that I've written in the past!  We'll start with my favorite ~I wrote this on 8-28-09 and it's called 'Tinkerbell':

Should of, would of, could of... Don't should on yourself, hell, don't should on me, in my general direction, near me even...go should in your own space and let me be go on now don't be that way you just wish you were me, living my life but it's not daisies and roses it's more like dandelions and tomato plants, sometimes they look beautiful and sometimes they are diseased and gross and sometimes they turn white and blow off into the wind.  What will you do then? Will you follow the little white tufts as they blow down the street under the cars and into the sea? I can't chase dreams, or people, or stars or cars. I can live in the here and now and be who I am and see what I see and feel what I feel or I can fade away into oblivion waiting for the end of time to arrive waiting for me to finally give in and say good night, but I don't want to go gently into that good night I want to kick and claw and take all ya'll with me.  Heaven is just up those stairs and you can get there with just a little prayer, a lot of love and a sprinkle of faith.  No pixie dust needed, Tinkerbell is a bitch anyway, she wanted Peter all of herself, he was her puppet, her toy for eternity and that Wendy girl was going to take him away.


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