Saturday, December 1, 2012

What a beautiful day!

We spent the morning and part of the afternoon out and about.  The boy and I got up and went to Perkins for pie for breakfast and then he and Jac and I went downtown.  We went to a couple museums and drove around a bit before we were exhausted and headed home.  It was calming and relaxing, the kids played together a bit and were pleasant to each other, they get closer with each hurt that comes their way. Even Kyra has grown closer to her siblings with the latest onslaught of painful interactions. 

I came home and cleaned up the kitchen after having not done dishes for a few days (dishwasher is on the fritz, makes me very sad...I hate hand washing >.<).  It is still not completely done but it's getting there. 

The kids and I have settled into a nice routine and I'm happy for that.  However, the stress level in my heart is starting to peak and it's not good.  I'm worried about bills and making ends meet, I'm worried about Christmas and the new year.  I'm worried about a lot of things.  I know worry doesn't add minutes to a day and I know God is in control but that doesn't stop the panic that is building inside me.  I need to breath and take more time with Him...good thing that time is one thing I seem to have plenty of right now ;)



Laurie in Ca. said...

I have been full of worry too Carrie and will pray for you when I do mine, which will be often.

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