Saturday, April 28, 2012

Plan of Business

So, I'm a nice mommy.  I drove 3 hours so my 14 year old could hang out with some friends, one is a friend she met at church camp last summer and the other is a young man that she met through the first friend.  Cody, from camp, is a 19 year old who is just absolutely the sweetest guy ever.  He's super protective and hates to see people upset.  He's also a Christian and stands firm in his values and morals, which I appreciate all that much more.  Through him (and Xbox), the 14 year old met a young man who turned 16 this past week.  She likes him so much she BAKED for him last night before we came up...yup you heard me right.  The girl child who hates to do anything remotely resembling work around the house baked. 

This boy, I'm impressed so far.  He has strong morals and refuses to back off of them for anything or anyone.  He's a good influence on her, she's been getting up in the morning so they can talk before he goes to school.  She has been doing stuff around the house and she's just doing better.  I'm so thankful.

So, now I am sitting in Culver's working on my business plan for my coffee shop.  I'm wondering how long they will let me linger before I get booted.  I'm still eating so I'm hoping they won't push me out the door until after noon at least ;)  Gives me another half hour minimum ;)

This evening I'm taking the girl child and her boy-friend (I refuse to put the two together for awhile yet ;) ) to Olive Garden because I'm awesome like that.  He already decided I'm cool...I said something while she was on Skype with him and he thought it was hilarious, I guess!

So, I guess we've moved into *that* age.  I have to share my baby girl.  It's bittersweet, but I know it's bound to happen, right?

Can I use getting up at 6 on a Saturday as my 'helping others' for today?  What do you think?


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