Monday, April 9, 2012

Revisiting the past...

So I had blogged elsewhere for almost 5 years.  Tonight, while hooking up Simply Dwyn with networked blogs I was compelled to read a few old posts.  Sat and read through the entire 5 years.  Realized, again, that I always did know how bad things were and just avoided it.  Played church.  Played the good wife.  Played, played, played.  Never thought I'd consider myself a player!!!!

Today is a new day. No more games, not with myself, not with my kids, not with God. 

No more games, go hard or go home.  I'm living for the One who made me.  The One who got me this far and the One who gave His Life so I could be free.

Love me or leave me alone. How do you like me now?

(Oh and this message brought to you by lack of sleep, overload of chocolate, love of my kids being here for 5 days straight and the sheer thought of how far away from God I had wandered at different points.  So glad I've found my way back to Him.)


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